Local Cocoa - Pure Dark Chocolate Bar 90g

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This Pure Dark chocolate has been created from cocoa grown sustainably in far north Queensland, harvested and processed by Australian farmers and then conched by Local Cocoa with other Australian natural ingredients.
70% cocoa content, this velvety dark chocolate will impress with undertones of goji berries and blackcurrants. A distinct flavour profile that will leave you wanting more.

Gluten Free ✦ Palm Oil Free ✦ No Artificial Colours or Flavours ✦ Non GMO ✦ No Preservatives ✦ Alcohol Free ✦ No Soy ✦ No Added Dairy


Local Cocoa is owned and run by the Verstreken family – a family of 3rd generation chocolatiers, born and trained in Belgium, but for many years now proud Australians.

We source our raw cocoa directly from farmers in Far North Queensland. The cocoa pods are harvested by hand, which assists in quality control, reduces impact on the surrounding environment and ensures that they are picked when perfectly ripe.